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What is SAGE Research Methods:

SAGE Research Methods is the ideal tool for researchers and students in the fields of social and behavioral sciences. It is a collection of more than 1100 case study examples, downloadable teaching datasets, full-text titles from the Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences series, as well as video tutorials showing research in action.
Additionally, it is also the ultimate methods library with more than 1000 books, reference works, and journal articles by world-leading academics from across the social sciences.
SAGE研究方法在线(SAGE Research Methods)将SAGE出版公司数十年间推出的研究方法丛书 (Book)、参考工具书 (Encyclopedia/Dictionary)、指导手册 (Guide Book)、期刊文章 (Journal Article) 等,统一收录在电子数据库中,旨在为全部社会科学及行为科学的学生、教师及研究者提供来源可靠、内容翔实的一站式方法学资料库。

Recommended Courses (Video):

1. An Introduction to Questionnaire Design

Questionnaire writing and design may seem simple, but many factors can affect the quality of response data. Dr. Tarek Al Baghal describes the cognitive processes that respondents undergo while taking a survey. He also stresses the importance of appropriate word choice and order to minimize unintended context effects.

2. Why Is Coming Up With A Research Question So Difficult

Dr. Zina O'Leary discusses why it is so difficult to formulate a research question. Choosing a question is itself part of the research process. She also gives advice on what to do both to find a subject area and to create a strong research question.

Note: This is the first episode of Doing Your Research Project video series and you can find  the whole series by clicking the link under the video.

3. How to Guide: SPSS Automatic Linear Modeling

Professor Andy Field reluctantly provides a guide to automatic linear modeling using SPSS software. He offers step-by-step pointers with screenshots and explanations to demonstrate the basics of how the program works.

Note: This is the first episode of Discovering Statistics Using SPSS video series and you can find  the whole series by clicking the link under the video.


How can I access to SAGE Research Methods:

Step1:Click Database on the Digital Library Site


Step2:Filter databases by S and the third is SAGE Research Method

以S开头过滤搜索结果,SAGE Research Methods排在第三位

Step3:Click Video to browse  courses


Step4: Type in the keywords of courses in the searching box and choose the chapter you like in the detail pages


Note: Video course trial version will not be available after July 31th


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